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Hilton Herbs Coat & SkinHilton Herbs - Coat & Skin Phytobalm

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm A soothing herbal balm with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties for topical use on any animal.

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. This superb product is perfect for application to minor wounds, cuts or abrasions, and will not harm even if ingested.

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm is a formulated using the following natural ingredients. Shea Butter, Marigold, Precious, Myrrh & Propolis

Shea Butter which forms the base of our fantastic Phytobalm, is made from the nuts of a tree found on the African savannahs. This rich soothing butter is used by the local women for minor cuts and abrasions, and for its remarkable skin softening properties.  We use Phytobalm on all our animals and ourselves, keep some handy in the home, tack room or kennels.

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm Contains: Shea Butter, Calendula oil and plant extract, Myrrh – (Commiphora molmol) essential oil, Propolis, Hypericum (St John’s Wort) oil and tincture. Phytobalm contains only natural preservatives. Phytobalm does not contain any parabens petrolium based preservative.


Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Outer Health

Hilton Herbs -Canine - Coat & Skin Hilton Herbs can help you ensure your dog’s coat and skin is maintained in prime condition all year round. Our range of herbal mixes and topical products contain plants known for their soothing, cooling, anti–bacterial and anti–fungal action, that will help you support and maintain your dog’s coat and skin in prime condition whatever the season. Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Coat & Skin Products

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm – Topical Herbal Balm – Anti-Fungal – Anti-Bacterial

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    1. WOW !!!!. I can’t believe that it helped me thanks to you guys

    2. i have somebody who has knee problem for three years now,they are painful and swollen and so he cannot walk. Is phytobalm cream suitable for him or what should i do to help this somebody?

    3. Hi this is Nancy from The Healing Barn, has the horse had a diagnoisis of that swollen knee? There are many reason that a horses knee would be swollen and sore. From too rich of hay to an injury. Please feel free to give me more info and I would be glad to help. Nancy

    4. Hi Owethu, The Phytobalm is a super product, and it has many uses. Thank you for the testimonial. Keep in touch.

      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    5. Hi! I heard about this product and I’m interested in selling it. What is the procedure?

    6. Hi Peggy, when you get a chance call Corri @ The Healing Barn and she will be able to explain how that works. 1-877-300-2638.
      Have a good week and thanks. Nancy Owner @ The Healing Barn

    7. reginah morake says:

      Is phytobalm available in south africa. Im interested in selling it.

    8. Hi Reginah, We are always looking for dealers around the globe. Please e-mail corri@thehealingbarn.com and talk with her about setting something up. Thank you for your interest. Nancy

    9. Paulina M Simeon says:

      Where can i get Hilton herbs- phytobalm? I need it.

    10. Would this work for warts on dogs xhin? If they lick it is it safe?

    11. Hi Amy, Thank you for the inquiry. We suggest the Virex for warts and licking is not a problem. Warts are a virus and after using the cream, the wart might look worse as it breaks down. Have no fear, keep using the cream 2x a day and hang in there, you will see changes in a week or 2. Keep using it until the wart is completely gone. Since warts are contagious use gloves when you apply the cream.
      Have a great day and let us know.

    12. Hi Paulina, Thank you for your inquiry, you can order it from our web site at The Healing Barn.com or call Corri at 1-877-300-2638.
      Have a great day .
      Nancy / Corri

    13. Hello dear
      I have joints problem are so painful sometimes and swollen.
      I gave some Lady a lift the other day so she had phyto balm and it was almost empty the container but I can tell you that the minute I applied cream in 30min pain was gone and also share with friends husband who couldn’t sleep a few nights but he applied it by the forehead it was gone the pain he didn’t even took his pills from the doctor. Following day I went to see them he was in the garden I couldn’t believe my eyes.
      Challenge is I didn’t took the lady number and where can I get the cream and need for my mom also since she suffering with joints also. How much is it?

      Your cream it amazing


    14. Hi Buhle, the Phytobalm is a great product. Thank you for your inquiry. You can order the product on our web-site thehealingbarn.com or call Corri at 1-877-300-2638 if you have any questions. The cost is 26.00 dollars plus shipping. Thank you again.

    15. Is phytobalm OK to use for mastitis in whelping dogs

    16. matodzi nagana says:

      Hi is matodzi from pretoria my mom came to visit me and I had a very bad headach she gave me this product phytobalm and to took the pain away in a second I would like to sell this product how do I go about selling it

    17. Hi Matodzi, You can talk to our marketing director Corri Mayo. At 1-877-300-2638. Good luck. 🙂

    18. Yes it would be safe, but I would put it on just after a feeding and let it soak in but if mom or the puppies ingest it is safe.

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