Neglected rescued horses/ helped with Hilton Herbs

Here’s an update on the 5 Paso Fino’s
we rescued 8/5/09. The dentist (Chris) came out and did 4 out of the 5 Paso Fino’s teeth this past week.

How sad this is.

The beautiful mare Mistry the brood mare, were NEVER done.

She is 12-14 years old and her poor mouth was horrible. Her bite was off so bad she chewed crooked.The teeth were so sharp she had ulcers in her mouth.

Chris (the Dentist)  took a long time getting her almost back to normal.

WHO does that?

Breed and not take care of your top Mare?

It’s a miracle she was able to process any food if fed. Now it all makes sense.

When they first came in I cracked open a container of Herbs to boost their immune system and she literately pushed her way to me and ate and ate the herbs straight from my hands. She could not get enough of the hoof and health I gave her.

The hoof and health is 64 different vitamans and minerals a horse needs to sustain life. Not so much now. She still eats the Herbs but she shares now.

We would like to encourage folks to seriously consider breeding and start helping the unwanted 4 leggeds out there. They desperately need our help.

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Until we meet again.


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