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Hilton Herbs Equimmune PLUS


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Equimmune PLUS has been formulated to support competition horses & ponies:

  • During training & competition
  • Whilst travelling

Equimmune PLUS can help maintain:

  • Optimumum focus and concentration
  • A calm & relaxed attiude
  • A balanced nervous system


  • Liquid feed supplement which is more concentrated than Equimmune Gold and lasts a similar length of time.
  • The concentrated formulation also means that Equimmune PLUS is rapidly absorbed
  • 100% human-grade plant tincture
  • Free weight tape with the first bottle to help select the correct daily amount
  •  500ml dosage bottle – easy to hold for smaller hands and handy for travelling
PLUS Products
Weight Cost per day How long product lasts
330 lb – 440 lbs       : 2.5ml/day 29c 200 days
442 lbs – 660 lbs     :    5ml/day 59c 100 days
662 lbs – 1100 lbs   : 7.5ml/day 89c   66 days
1102 lbs – 1320 lbs :  10ml/day $1.18   50 days
1322 lbs & above : 12.5ml/day $1.48   40 days

The PLUS products were formulated in accordance with the FEI’s initiative for Clean Sport.  Each ingredient and final product has been screened for FCSs (feed contaminant substances) & HSPSs ( so-called herbal nops) to ensure the absence of these prohibited substances. For more information please refer to your sport’s governing body or to the FEI Clean Sport website.

To see test results for the Equimmune PLUS click on the relevant link:

FCS (Feed Contaminant Substances)
HSPS (so-called ‘herbal nops’)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
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