Abused horses

There is a lot of abuse in the world.  Mental, physical, and emotional.  Some people think Horses’ don’t feel or think.  I beg to differ with anyone thinking that.  Horses have huge hearts.  Did you ever watch a child at a horse show having a bad day?

You can bet that the horse  was having a bad day also.  I can remember saying get off your horse and both of you take a chill pill. Or how about a young child that is shy or afraid comes into your barn and who comes over to sniff him.  You got it your crazy Donkey.  Does the Donkey care or feel or is she just looking for a treat?

What ever that is, is a connection to that child who now has a smile on his face and is giggling.  I have seen wonderful things from the horses I have rescued.  You would think they would hate people and not want to have anything to do with us. But they are the horses that seek out sad, abused and/or handicapped children and adults.  Bring a person to a barn that  has issues with the world and has with drawn from daily living and see in just a couple visits how they change.  They get the life back in their eyes, they smile more, and just are happier start to HEAL.  The women are more relaxed.  Horses pay it forward.  Paying it Foward to our animals and people it what The Healing Barn is all about!

Until we meet again.  Nancy

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