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 The Healing Barn – Meet the staff

Corri Swigart (pictured left)
Corri’s “Working Knowledge” of horses has been obtained from growing up on a horse rehab facility. this is something you do not learn in a classroom. In addition Corri does have two equine degrees from the University of Findlay, one of the Nations leading Equine colleges.  Her degrees are in both Equine Business and Equine Studies. Equine Studies includes Reproduction, Preventitive Medicine, Equine Nutrition, Anatomy and Training.

Corri won 1st place out of over 290 horse in Versatility at Wood County Fair, Ohio. With a horse that 3 years earlier had a fracture hip and was diagnosed with a then 90% fatal disease. To win Versatility Corri had to compete in Pleasure and Speed events with the same horse. The events included: Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, English Equitation, Reining, Barrels and Poles.

Corri also owns a Doberman Pinscher, Rylee and a rescue Great Dane, Kaya.  She credits their growth and health to Hilton Herbs Canine Products.

Nancy Swigart (pictured center)
Nancy was a nurse for over 45 years.  Retired now, she focuses her care and healing knowledge to help with incoming rescues as well as customers who call with issues with their own 4 legged friends.

Nancy focuses on Reiki, healing energy Work and many other alternative healing methods on both horse and human patients. Nancy has the uncanny ability of figuring out what is really wrong with a horse.

Allen Wells (pictured right)
Been referred to as a world class Horse Whisperer, able to get in there minds and work with horses that have been abused both physically and mentally. Getting them to form a trust or bond with a human. Not trusting humans because they have been treated poorly is usually the root of bad and aggressive behavior.


We would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact The Healing Barn with any questions or comments you may have.


The Healing Barn

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