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Welcome To Our Exclusive Hilton Herbs Equine Area

The Healing Barn and Hilton Herbs have Joined Together to form
North America’s Foremost Leader in Equine and Canine Herbs.

This area is dedicated to providing the best products and information available regarding your horse. Please browse around and look over our entire equine site.

All of our products have been categorized into the benefits that each of these Hilton Herbs products addresses including:

Hilton Herbs - Equine Area



To help you support your horses respiratory system and ensure it stays in optimum condition, Hilton Herbs has produced a range of dried and liquid herbal formulations, rich syrups, essential oil sprays and homeopathic products, to help your horse maintain a healthy respiratory system whatever the season.

Nerves & Hormones

Hilton Herbs range of dried and liquid herbal mixes, homeopathics, sprays, and Bach Flower essences will help you support your pet, whether it is highly strung, nervous, over-excitable, hormonal, a show animal with competition nerves, a pregnant mares or a rescue case.Valerian free blends are also available.

General Health

In addition Hilton Herbs can provide a diverse range of products formulated from plants found both on the land and in the sea that will help your horse maintain optimum health and vitality throughout its life.

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