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ElectroBraid 1000 ft Reel - Black$184.99
ElectroBraid 1000 ft Reel - White$184.99
ElectroBraid 1000 ft Reel - Checkered$184.99
HFD Braid 1000 ft Roll - Black$169.99
HFD Braid 1000 ft Roll - White+Speckled Black$169.99


Braid 2 inch offset insulator- Black (25 per pk)$4.66
Braid Heavy Duty Post Insulator - Bag of 25 - Black$8.99
Braid Heavy Duty Post Insulator - Bag of 25 - White$8.99
Braid Premium T-Post Insulator Black - Bag of 25$7.99
Braid Roller Insulators - Bag of 10$16.99
Braid T-Post Insulators- 25 Pack - Black$5.85
Braid T-Post Insulators- 25 Pack - Yellow$5.85
Braid T-Post Toppers - Black - 10 Pack$7.99
Super Duty Line Post Insulators - Bag of 25 - Black$12.99


ElectroBraid 1-1/2" HEX Head Screws (50 per pk)$7.00
ElectroBraid 1" HEX Head Screws (50 per pk)$6.54
ElectroBraid 2 1/2" HEX Head Screws (50 per pk)$8.99
ElectroBraid Copper Lead-Out Wire -200 Feet$96.51
ElectroBraid Fence Warning Sign - 3 Pack$4.99
ElectroBraid Installation Manual PDF File$0.00
ElectroBraid Installation Video$0.00
ElectroBraid Spring Handle Gate Kit$17.40
ElectroBraid Tension Kit$35.99

Electrical Accessories

Copper Split Bolt Connectors (10 per pk)$24.99
Cut Off Switch - On/Off Switch$11.99
ElectroBraid 6 FT Copper Clad Ground Rod$21.75
ElectroBraid EB Ground Clamp$9.49
ElectroBraid Fence Alert - Flashing light if power fails$25.99
ElectroBraid Neutral Plate Connector$12.89


HorseSafe HS30 Energizer$179.00
SpeedRite - Solar Panel Regulator$30.00
SpeedRite 1000$129.00
SpeedRite 1000 with 10 Watt Solar Panel For up to 10 acres$228.00
SpeedRite 2000$189.00
SpeedRite 2000 with 20 Watt Solar Panel For up to 15 acres$388.00
SpeedRite 3000$219.00
SpeedRite 3000 with 30 Watt Solar Panel For up to 120 acres$518.00
SpeedRite Solar Panel - 10 Watt$99.00
SpeedRite Solar Panel - 20 Watt$199.00
SpeedRite Solar Panel - 30 Watt$299.00
Zareba® 50 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Charger$142.42
Zareba® 75 Mile AC Low Impedance Charger$170.48
Zareba® 100 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Charger$357.95

Fence Testers

Five Light Fence Tester$19.00
Digital Electric Fence Tester$47.95
PW - Digital Volt Meter$38.05

Shipping Options

FREE SHIPPING* (Most orders ship within 24 hours) on all Electrobraid orders totaling more than $75.00.

* FREE Shipping offer of Electrobraid orders of $75 or more is limited to the Continental United States.
Freight to Alaska, Hawaii & other offshore or remote locations will be quoted separately.

The Healing Barn’s Friendly Staff is ALWAYS Here To Help.
Any Questions? Call us Toll-Free at 1-877-300-2638
We are always pleased to help.

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