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HFD Braid 1000 ft Roll


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HFD Braid – 1000 ft rolls ***Free Shipping***
– HFD Braid and Electrobraid are the only manufacturers using 98% pure copper in their braid, making all ElectroBraid accessories compatible with HFD Braid.
– HFD Braid has 4 strands of copper vs Electrobraid’s 2 strands of copper.
– HFD Braid has a stronger, more stable core increasing the braids strength to 2550lbs vs Electrobraid’s 600lbs.
– Same 25 year warranty.
– We’ve sold and installed Electrobraid for 20 years and this is the 1st fence in 20 years that we have felt comfortable selling along side Electrobraid.
– Save over $10 per roll vs Electrobraid while getting a stronger braid.
– HFD Braid has 2x as many copper strands in it. 2 x as many strand in the braid means 2x as much copper on the surface of the braid where it matters.

Make sure all accessories are compatible with Copper!

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs

Black, White+Speckled Black

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