The Findlay Swap Meet!

Thank you to all of the new and old faces that stopped by our booth during the Findlay Swap Meet!  It was great to hear how well everyone’s horses are doing on Hilton Herbs and also nice to help some new customers get their guys back on track. The show was very successful for The […]

Upcoming Events for 2013

The Healing Barn will be displaying Hilton Herbs, Shoo!TAG, Electrobraid and Best Breed Pet Food at the following upcoming events! January 10 – Westview Animal Hospital Equine Appreciation Night February 17– Swap Meet at The University of Findlay’s Western Campus April 11, 12, 13 & 14 – The Healing Barn will be attending the Ohio […]

The Healing Barn’s Upcoming Shows and Events

The Healing Barn has a few shows in the near future where we will be displaying and selling Hilton Herbs and Shoo!TAG.  We love to meet and talk with our customers face to face, so if you are in the area please be sure to stop by and check us out at the following events! […]

Hilton Herbs/The Healing Barn

We will be back at the Equine Affair in April once again selling and educating people about Hilton Herbs.  It will be a 4 day deal, our shop will still be open but the deals will be untouchable at the Affair.  Hope to see you there.  Their will be experts from all over the U.S.A. […]

Update on The Healing Barn

As you can see, we have been very busy at The Healing Barn.  The summer of 2010 was unbelievably hot and humid.  I love the heat but this year took it all out of me. The end of July this year we rescued 5 horses and turned around and 3 days later rescued 3 more. It […]

Neglected rescued horses/ helped with Hilton Herbs

Here’s an update on the 5 Paso Fino’s we rescued 8/5/09. The dentist (Chris) came out and did 4 out of the 5 Paso Fino’s teeth this past week. How sad this is. The beautiful mare Mistry the brood mare, were NEVER done. She is 12-14 years old and her poor mouth was horrible. Her […]

Abuse women/children/horses

Daily we hear about abuse in children, women and let me add horses.  None of it is right.  Not by a stretch.  One of the abuses are emotional ( the kind no one see’s or believes in all three cases. It destroys the spirit, it turns the children, women and horses inward.  they start to stay away from groups, […]

Rescued horses and donkeys

In my past blogs I talked about how the rescued donkeys give back. That goes for the horses also. Through out my 14 years of rescuing and rehabbing the 4 leggeds, I have become aware of their gratefulness and kind giving back  nature that they all seem to have.  It takes a while for them to trust […]

Neglected and Starved to Love and Comfort!

So many more equine animals have become starved, neglected, abused, or homeless since the downturn of our economy.  The Healing Barn is dedicated to helping the equine friends in need like the five Paso Finos who were the most recent cases saved by The Healing Barn. These five horses were turned out to “pasture” and […]

Lame Horse with Cushings

I am blogging about a horse I rescued a while back. Her name is Blonde. Blonde was severely lame and in trouble. She had pus coming from her cornet bands, thick growth of hair, and the thick neck that you see in Cushing horses. I just had to write about how well she did after we […]

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