Hilton Herbs – Calm & Collected (formerly Confidence Plus)

Hilton Herbs Equine Nerves & Hormones Hilton Herbs - Equine - Nerves & Hormones - Confidence Plus

Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected – This product has stood the test of time, we recommend it to help support a calm, healthy and balanced nervous system.

Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected is ideal for use when introducing changes in schooling or routine or simply for tense, sensitive horses.


Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected Contains: Valerian root, Chamomile flowers, Vervain herb, Marshmallow root, Hawthorn flowering tops, Meadowsweet herb.



Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Nerves & Hormones


Hilton Herbs Equine Nerves & Hormones Hilton Herbs’ range of dried and liquid herbal mixes, homeopathics, sprays, and Bach Flower essences will help you support your horse, whether it is highly strung, nervous, over-excitable, hormonal, a show animal with competition nerves, a pregnant mares or a rescue case.
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Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected – Supports a Calm, Healthy & Balanced Nervous System


Code: Size: Price: Items:
(70290) 2.2 lbs Tub $51.00 Add to Basket
(70296) 4.4 lb Bag $90.00 Add to Basket
(70300) 11 lbs Bag $218.00 Add to Basket










    • UP TO 12.2 hh – 1 SCOOP DAILY
    • 12.2 hh – 14.2 hh – 2 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 14.2 hh – 15.2 hh – 3 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 15.2 hh – 16.2 hh – 4 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 16.2 hh AND ABOVE – 4-5 SCOOPS DAILY



  • 2.2 LB TUB – 4 WEEKS
  • 4.4 LB TUB/BAG – 8 WEEKS
  • 11 LB TUB/BAG – 6 MONTHS

**Usage Based on An Average 15hh horse.


Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected – Supports a Calm, Healthy & Balanced Nervous System

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    1. Nancy Swigart says:

      Confidence Plus is one of the most used products in our rescue barn. When scared or abused rescues comes to our barn this is the first herb they are put on. This helps them to cope to new situations and new surroundings. This product is also used for horses that are nervous, it helps them to stay focused with out drugging them.

    2. I have a very sensitive, reactive, athletic mare (no ulcers or acidosis anymore) who was injured the day she was born. These injuries set her up for a number of years in discomfort and pain. After taking care of health or soundness issues, she remained reactive. Her cycles sent her brain elsewhere and my late-gelded TB makes all mares’ cycles more frequent and intense. After using a number of calming products and ones for mares, I tried this and like Multiflex, the change in her nerves happened in 2-3 days. Took her off and while she was a bit better, she became nutty and reactive for her next cycle. Back on. She’s quieter for the trimmer, stands on crossties better, doesn’t mind other people near her as much and takes showers now. So thrilled.

    3. Thank you Kate for your comments. Along with the Herbal Business The Healing Barn uses all these products on our rescues. You are so right the Calm and Collected is one of my favorites. It does not drug your horse BUT just makes him/her listen and not be so nervous. Thank you so much for your support.
      Nancy Owner of The Healing Barn

    4. Mackenzie Mandernach says:

      Is the Calm and Collected product an everyday product or can I use it only when needed?

    5. Hi Mackenzie, yes the Calm and Collected is an every day use. If you are looking for a quick fix when there are issues, I would recommend giving the Calm and Collected for about an month and then back way down to a maintenance dose, everyday until you need it again and put it full strengthen around the time you need it for about 3-4 days before you need it. Let us know. Nancy

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