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Hilton Herbs Canine Special NeedsHilton Herbs Canine Special Needs LBM Solution

Hilton Herbs LBM Solution Many of us have experienced not only the distress caused to our spayed bitches when they have “ accidents” in their beds whilst sleeping, but also the additional work incurred with daily bed washing! Some breeds are more prone to this problem than others, we have Dobermanns that seem to be one of the most commonly affected breeds.

In response to her own Dobermann bitch’s needs, Hilton Herbs’ Medical Herbalist has formulated a liquid product containing tinctures of herbs known for their ability to help support and maintain healthy bladder control and tone.

This mix does not contain hormones.

Hilton Herbs’ mix has been sold to several Vets around the country who have reported excellent results with their clients bitches. LBM is a pure tincture product which is designed to be added to your dogs food twice daily.

On average a 35kg dog would need 5ml twice daily.


Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For ‘Special Needs’ Dogs


Hilton Herbs Canine Special Needs If you have an elderly dog who struggles to shed his coat, one whose immunity needs that extra bit of support, an elderly bitch who can no longer remain dry overnight, or one who suffers during the pollen season, one of the following mixes from Hilton Herbs may be just what you are looking for to help that special canine friend in your life.
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Hilton Herbs LBM Solution – For Female Dog Incontinence 

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    1. I have a 16 year old female who is suffering from elevated liver enzymes and an enlarged bladder. She urinates frequently or has the urge to do so. Sometimes she just squats and nothing comes out. The vet says althou there is a small amount of blood in her urine there is no bacteria present. She was on antibiotics for 2 months with little change. Would you recommend this LBM solution as well as the formula with milk thistle? We make our own dog food and her weight is good for an old gal. She doesn’t seem to have any problems eating and drinks an average amount of water.
      Thank you.
      Heide Pastuch

    2. Heide,
      Yes, That is exactly what I would suggest. The Purify will start
      the detox and the LBM will support those healthier liver and kidneys.
      We have had a lot of dogs with these issues and this combination
      produces great results.


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