Important Information for Owners of Horses with Cushing’s Syndrome

What Is Horse Cushing’s Syndrome? A small benign tumor in the pituitary gland causes equine Cushing’s syndrome. Since the pituitary governs the entire endocrine system, a number of conditions are associated with the disease. Cushing’s disease is also referred to as hyperadrenocorticism.

A horse with Cushing’s usually develops the condition in the mid to late years of life (average age, 20 years), although it is sometimes diagnosed in horses as young as seven.

The Healing Barn DOES NOT recommend the use of Peroglide in any treatment of horses.

Hilary Self, Author and Co-Owner of Hilton Herbs, is a medical herbalist and the one responsible for the companies formulations.. Her clinical research into the use of herbs for animals has lead to the success of Hilton Herbs.

Blondie - A Rescue - Survived Cushing's Syndrome

Hilary’s herbal formulation of Vitex Plus for Horses with Cushings is a fantastic product that we here at The Healing Barn believe in 100%. We have seen absolutely fabulous results using Vitex Plus on Cushing’s Horses both here at our rehab facility and also all across the United States.

The Healing Barn sells to retail customers and supply North American dealers with Hilton Herbs. We have unmatched access to results obtained by different therapies.

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Unfortunately a lot of owners try the western medicine route first and then come to us after everything else has failed.

When owners try Vitex Plus they save themselves a lot of money and more importantly save their horses from what is sometimes years of trial and error testing.

You may find other products that have only Vitex Agnus Castus Seed, but it’s Hilary’s mixture that includes several other herbs that treat everything that’s going on within your horse that always seems to have the best results.

Blondie is one of our rescues that was going to be put down because of her uncontrolled Cushing. When Blondie was dropped off at The Healing Barn she was foundered and could hardly stand. She had puss coming out of both of her front cornnet bands.

Her owner said she couldn’t afford to treat her. The owner only considered three choices: give her back to the previous abusive owner that she had originally rescued Blondie from OR have her put down. Fortunately, there was a third choice, The Healing Barn was willing to accept Blondie.

Blondie has now been healthy and happy for about 8 years thanks to Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus.

She is presently owned and thoroughly enjoyed by a grandmother and her grand-kids.

All thanks to Vitex Plus and Nancy Swigart’s perseverance through the use of Natural Alternatives.

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Health Management for a Horse with Cushings

Avoiding stressing the horse.

The hormonal profile of many horses with Cushing’s already indicates high stress levels, so reducing stress is critical.

Providing a safe, comfortable “sanctuary” for the horse.

Sticking to a strict routine, which will help minimize stress.

Keeping water and feed conveniently located and in the same place.

Clipping the horse in warm weather; using blankets when it is cold.

Keeping up grooming to minimize skin diseases.

Keeping hooves in good shape.

Checking teeth regularly and having them checked by a professional twice a year.

Avoiding turning the horse out with aggressive horses.

Avoiding contact with horses from a new location.

Keeping immunizations to a minimum/ making sure all necessary shots are given.

Deworming regularly (usually every 30 – 45 days).

Providing an appropriate diet for the horse.

This will usually involve elimination of simple carbohydrates.

If you have a horse with Cushings please listen to the above – must hear interview. You are guaranteed to come away with a new understanding of Cushings and what to be aware of to better maintain your Cushings horse.

FDA’s Market Withdrawl Of Peroglide (marketed as Permax)

On March 29, 2007, the Food and Drug Administration issued a Public Health Advisory titled: Voluntary Market Withdrawal of Permax.

The drug is also known and marketed by its generic name pergolide [per-go-lide].

The FDA (read the entire FDA Press Release Here) announced that the companies that manufacture and distribute pergolide have agreed to withdraw this drug from the market due to the potential for heart valve damage.

Two new studies showed that patients who were treated with pergolide had an increased chance of serious damage to their heart valves when compared to patients who did not receive the drug.

“Based on important new drug safety information, FDA has been working with the manufacturers of pergolide products to voluntarily remove these drugs from the market,” said Douglas Throckmorton, M.D., deputy director of FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “The FDA’s increased evaluation of post-market safety is benefiting the public because, in this case, as new data about the product became available, we were able to remove a less safe drug from the market.”

Two recent New England Journal of Medicine studies confirm previous findings associating pergolide with increased chance of regurgitation (backflow of blood) of the mitral, tricuspid, and aortic valves of the heart. Valve regurgitation is a condition in which valves don’t close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward across the valve. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue and heart palpitations.

In light of this additional post-market safety information, the companies that manufacture and sell pergolide will stop shipping pergolide for distribution and, in cooperation with FDA, will withdraw the products from the market.

Why would you put your horse’s health at risk?

We are not aware of any studies regarding the damage

to horses hearts because of Pergolide.

Why risk your horses heart?

The Healing Barn does not accept the choice of Pergolide as a viable option when there are unknown effects that may be worse than the Cushing’s itself.

Horses build up a resistance to Pergolide – dosing has to be continually increased.

What are you going to do when your horse reaches the maximum allowable dose?

Will your horses life be shortened because of the potential damage from Pergolide?

What happens when max dose is reached?

Why risk overdosing your horse with a dangerous chemical?

Why take a chance of creating heart problems in your horses?

Why take a chance of getting a potentially dangerous drug on yourself or your family?

The Healing Barn is dedicated to the safety and health of your horses.

The Healing Barn DOES NOT recommend the use of Peroglide in any treatment of horses.

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    1. Dianne Little says:

      I am using your Vitex Plus Gold on my 24 yr old cushing mare she has shed her coat and looks better now than she has in several years. She is on a low starch feed and alfalfa hay and is doing great. I tried the medication for cushings on her she became very upset and nasty and looked sicker so took her off of it very quickly. Found your site and put her on the Vitex and she is now her beautiful sweet and loving self. I was worried I would have to put her down as she was so misseriable so thanks for coming up with this wonderful product.

    2. i just found out my 19 yr old mare has cushings short of blood test that i was told could not be done until march15 .i have her on bute and vet gave me thyroid meds i started her on them on 1-24-15 then picked up theperiglide ,i gave her first pill at 4pm yesterday 1-26 i went out to feed this am and she did not want to move it was hard to get her turned around to her feeder .she did not want to move like really lame.i can not stand to see her like this .i put a call into vet and am waiting .i am going tocheck out this periglide while waiting any help would be great

    3. Doug Cook says:

      I have just received my shipment of Vitex Plus. Do You have feeding tips to avoid waste?
      I am wondering about a binder to make the loose herbs into solid “treats”.
      My horse has tendency to take a bite of his low carb pellets then lift his head to gawk about
      letting food fall from his mouth. I will be starting him on his Vitex today.
      Thanks, Doug

    4. Ben McKinney says:

      My horse recently developed Cushing’s I think about 3 1/2 months ago I wasn’t sure if it was so I tried different feeds but now he is showing the signs I am going to clip him but I have ordered Vitex I will keep you up to date as to how it goes he has started to have some issues walking in the stumbles a little bit here and there he hangs his head low and is not his chipper self I really hope this stuff works I have considered Prascend but don’t want to medicate him unless it is absolutely necessary

    5. Hi Ben, Nancy here from the THE HEALING BARN, I was wondering how your cushing horse was doing. It’s been crazy weather that
      tends to flare up the horses with Cushings so I was checking to see how it was going?

      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    6. Hi Doug, How is your horse doing?


    7. I started my 20 yr. old mustang on Vitex 3 weeks ago for his Cushings. He has muscle wasting along his topline, a pot belly, long shaggy hair, and general soreness. In his case, he needs his grain soaked in order to chew well due. He is a rescue and his mouth had already been deteriorating long before I got him. :/
      If I put the vitex in and leave it to soak and expand with the hay pellets, does that compromise the effectiveness of the herb?
      Thank you for your help.

    8. Hi Miss Rachel, soaking the Vitex is fine. Just a little FYI you don’t need to feed much grain or pellet’s just enough so he eats the supplement and straight grass hay.
      I also suggest putting him on a natural pain killer “Releaf” in my experience the pain or soreness adds fire to the Cushings and it is much harder to turn them around.
      Hang in there and keep in touch. P.S. take pictures. You will think there isn’t any improvement but week after week look at the pic’s you will see him getting better, esp in his eyes you will see the sparkle. Then the rest follows.

      🙂 Nancy
      Owner at The Healing Barn

    9. Sherie Hanley says:

      Please send me some info on Viterbo Plus. My horse is 26 & this is the first year she has gotten a very heavy coat. She wears a blanket in the winter & still looks like a Wooley bear.

    10. Hi Sherie, I can send you a catalog or send you to the website. or give Corri a call during the week at 1-877-300-2638. Basically the product is several herbs formulated to support the horse with a metabolic condition. Also Know as Cushing’s. The fact that your horse is not sheading may or may not mean he has the disease. Another product we use for just that reason is Hoof and Health. This is 64 different vitamens and minerals that support the hooves and the coat. Let me know the best way to help you.

      Nancy (owner) The Healing Barn

    11. Kristin Crane says:

      Hello Nancy,
      I have had my mare on Vitex plus gold since 3/8/2016, she was diagnosed with Cushings in December 2015, her blood level was 530, which per my vet normal is 30, so they put her on pergolide 1gm daily, I saw no difference in her at all, she was extremely LAME, all she did was lay down constantly, it was horrible, I was going to have her put down and one night I was just surfing the web on Equine Cushings and came across your web site, so I called the next day and ordered the vitex, my mare has showed honestly a 75% improvement in a month, she is eating great, walking out to the pasture and back to the barn, which before the Vitex she would walk about 20 steps and lay down, this went on for months, so she is doing great as far as am concerned, She is shedding like crazy, I just have one concern, she is getting bald spots, I don’t know if she is rubbing on the trees or if the vitex is causing this, can you please let me know? My mare is getting 15 ml twice a day, she is about 16-162 hands high, and abiut 1000 lbs , she has lost some weight, I feed her free choice of Broom orhard hay, I make her a beet pulp mash and she gets a low starch low sugar grain. Thank you
      Kristin crane.

    12. Hi Kristin,
      It’s Great to hear she is doing so much better. Bald spots are more likely related to her rubbing on things because of itchy skin & shedding her coat. I have never heard or seen Vitex Plus create bald spots. You may want to consider something that will help her skin condition. Bye Bye Itch would be a great choice if you wanted to go that way. I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but I would give her a nice warm bath, weather permitting.

      Thanks for the Question.

    13. Hi Sandy, for some reason your message is just showing up here for me to answer you. How is your horse doing? Nancy

    14. Elaine Schulstad says:

      Hi Administration:
      I have a cushings horse undiagnosed. She has thick curley hair, and I feed her Vitex Herbs from the natural online store. She seems well . She eats Nutrena original for all horses that need pure nutrients with no fillers and has been on it for more than 6 months but usually gets Timothy hay. She doesn’t have hoof problems. She however has eye inflammation and tearing. I’ve had the vet come and treat her with antibiotic ointments and 8 days no results. So he put her on the same but with Neomycin, Polymyxin B Sulfates and Dexamethasone steroid eye ointment. For several days her eyes are still emflamed inside the lids and still dripping. I’m wondering if it is the feed. This started during fly and gnat season but now the winter is on and no bugs. I’m wondering if she is allergic to something in her feed. Any suggestions? She is also a little angry when other horses come to her fence one in particular that was aggressive to her. She is separated because she is new to a new place but has plenty of room to roam her paddock for a month now, hopefully to be introduced slowly to the other horses gradually one on one.. She eats 2 x a day. She is 14 1/2 high and eats about 5 # a day of grain topped off with soaked alfalfa pellets about a scoop, and 4 pats of timothy/orchard hay. She is highly allergic to shots wo she only gets a rabies once a year. Also I have just had two treatments on her of acupuncture in hopes to help her eyes. No results so far.

    15. Elaine it is probably best if you called so we can talk through this as there are far too many things going on with her and not enough info for us to really give a method of treatment. It sounds like she is getting an awful lot of grain for her size and we personally steer clear of alfalfa as it is too rich especially for Cushinoid horses. If you are only using Vitex Seed for her Cushing’s and that isn’t under control it is likely her immune system is very compromised. Like I said it would be best if you could call so we could talk through some scenarios and come up with a plan to help her.

    16. Annette Kenyon says:

      I started my 27 year old thoroughbred mare on Vitex Gold Plus last July because she still had not completely shed her winter coat. After about 10 days of Vitex Gold Plus she regained her sleek shiny summer coat and looked fabulous. Now that winter is here she has an unusually thick winter coat and it seems to be very wavy on her hind end. She gets 12lbs senior feed a day per the recommendation of my equine dentist and vet. She’s lost quite a few molars. She also eats or attempts to eat quality Bermuda or orchard grass hay with her two pasture buddies and is out 24/7. She does not have severe joint issues that I can tell. My concern is the wavy, thick fur on her hind end. She hasn’t been tested for Cushing’s but she was on 1/2 tablet pergolide for two years. Your thoughts about this?

    17. Hi Annette, I am not sure the question, I am wondering if you still have her on the Vitex Gold? But it sounds like that you were treating her for the Cushings for the last 2 years. It might be easier to call Corri at The Healing Barn and present your issues at 1-419-836-8367. Depending on your weather, what you are looking for, if your mare is still on Vitex and all the above, there are so many factors when it comes to Cushings. Hope to hear from you soon. Nancy at The Healing Barn.

    18. christine fairbanks says:

      My horse was totally healed by Vitex Gold.The ACTH was 9 out of 9-35. I called to order more,telling this great tale~ the order lady said i shouldnt give it if the horse was normal, however a year later and much pain and problems ACTH is high again~ insulin and glucose under control and good with proper feeding~ No Prascend, no way.That pill killed another of my horses who could not get up one,day~ omg.We are going on Vitex Gold and when we are normal we will do a low dose~ A supetior product i only wish i had truly known to keep him on it, no biggie.thank you Hilton Herbs

    19. Hi Christine, we are so glad your horse is doing good again. Yes if your horse is truly a Cushing horse he needs to always be on the Vitex Gold. Keep up the good work.

    20. Amy Smith says:

      How well does your product prevent reoccurring infections? My 19 yo arabian mare was diognosed with Cushings last October, we have tried pracend over and over at different amounts of pracend. She was physically doing wonderful on the meds. But, she went insane acting like a stud, insane heat cycles and a very on edge mood. She was miserable, constantly spooking and angry all the time.
      While on pracend she tested at 37, then off 3 weeks ago was also at 37. Now for about the 5th time since colic sugery last summer she has a low grade fever. I do not want to keep putting her on antibiotics because she will become immune to them. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    21. Hi Miss Amy, I was not sure what product you were referring too, the Echinacea Plus to boost the immune system or the Vitex for the Cushings. These are all natural products. The Echinacea is a great product to boost the immune system. Please let us know how we can help. 1-877-300-2638

    22. Hello, I have a 24 year old donkey with suspected cushings, he has not shed his coat in a couple of seasons now. He just seems very lethargic. Would it be ok to try this Vitex on him to see if this would help him? Should i have vet do the blood test first? Then she will want to put him on the periglide, she already told me. If it is safe to use on donkey what is recommended since he is a very picky eater. should i get the liquid and syringe?

    23. Hi Sherry, yes the Vitex is a great product that works on Donkeys as well as horses. As a matter of fact we have a 23 year old Donkey at The Healing Barn rescue barn. If your donkey is a picky eater I highly recommend the liquid that can be poured over his tiny bit of grain. If you are afraid he won’t eat it then yes you can syringe that into his mouth. The base is apple cider vinegar though. As far as his being lethargic my first question would be what kind of hay are you feeding him? If it is 40% or more alfalfa that would cause him to be lethargic. Hope this helps. Please keep in touch. 🙂 Nancy P.S. I can’t tell you not to follow the Vet’s orders but using it with out blood work will not hurt your donkey.

    24. 27 yr. Old Arab gelding has been on Vitex.Plus a couple years now along with some pellet vitamins..rice bran with special pellets .& in winter..canola oil & low sugar grass hay.He’s doing well..weight flucuates..pretty spunky. Thinking about adding multi-level to this mix to support his aging joints. Is this Ok..or something ELSE? Thanks & thanks to Vitex!!

    25. Hi Patricia, I think you were asking about Multi-Flex ?? Yes we have a couple of cushing horses/Donkey in our rescue barn and I definately use the multiflex on the Cushing horses/Donkey. It helps support their tissues, muscles and joints plus Multi has a natural pain medicine in it (Devils Claw). You are doing all the right things for your guy. Keep up the great work. 🙂 Nancy

    26. Suzy Bailes-Gwinn says:

      Hi wow comments from others very helpful. Got free mare cuz cushings shes on prescend half tab. Wld like try this…can i take her off pills n how long before this product helps? She had pneumonia winter..almost lost her…lots penicillin. Gain weight shedded fine…no no lameness. Just underweight…got her on cool 100 orchard grass pellets n omaline. Gaining slowlslowly finish her grain. Have orchard grass alf n pea hay..she loves hay!

      Have another mare..foundered n farrier error is very lame. Took toe no heal or frog…another Farrer fixing her took proper amts but very lame after 4 weeks. Wld this product be ok try on her? Pain meds too pls. Ty.

    27. Hi Suzy, It looks like you have a couple of things going on. It might be easier to call our 800 number and discuss your issues. For foundered horses without cushings we have other products.
      The pain med I use a lot on our rescues is the all natural Releaf. It has white willow and devils claw in it and is safe to give every day.
      Looking forward to speaking with you.
      Nancy (1-877-300-2638)

    28. Hi,
      My middle age Quarab gelding has the cushings “look” more each year. He has a much heavier winter coat than his herd mates and it seems to get heavier each year. Although he does shed out, this year (summer) he seems to be constantly producing a light winter coat, mostly in large areas with some areas of his body being a normal hair coat for summer. He does have the pot bellied/ sway back look. I have not had him tested and having said all that, he has no other symptoms that I am aware of. Seems like his usual clown self in all ways. He is on pasture with grass hay at night, and no laminitis issues. Should I assume he has cushings or is there such a thing as pre-cushings – and will Vitex Plus derail the disease itself before it becomes more progressive?
      Thank you!

    29. Hi Diane, it is hard to diagnosis Cushing without testing in some horses, but that being said it is very good you are aware of your guys condition. The Vitex is a great product to get the metabolism in balance.
      You are very lucky he does not show any other symptoms. The Vitex can only help him. Thank you for your question.

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