Lame Horse with Cushings

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am blogging about a horse I rescued a while back. Her name is Blonde. Blonde was severely lame and in trouble. She had pus coming from her cornet bands, thick growth of hair, and the thick neck that you see in Cushing horses. I just had to write about how well she did after we started treatment on her.

The famous words were “put that horse down” no one can save her. I went right to work soaking her feet with a special bath soak I have from Volconic clay. It pulled the infection out of her feet in 7 days and Blondie Girl was up and running. Now to figure out what to do with the cause. We had blood work drawn and indeed found out she had Cushings.

I immediately detoxed her with Hilton Herb’s  Multiflex, Milk Thistle, and started her on Vitex to treat the Cushings. All of the products are natural, and were a great combo to get Blonde back on track so she could live her life to the fullest. Today she is being ridden 2-3 times a week and is healthy and happy. For more stories contact me at So long for now. Nancy

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    1. I just realized my horse has crushing’s disease, the vet ordered her medication to give everyday, do I give the herbs also?

    2. My miniature donkey has teeth problems the vet tried to fix his teeth but he still drops every thing I have him on a senior grain and grass pellets but he is slobbering drooling a lot is there a something for him?

    3. Hi Pam, Nancy here from the The Healing Barn. Did the vet float your donkey’s teeth and what did he say about the teeth?

    4. Hi Pam, no just give one or the other. The herb is the naturall way to go and over a period of time you will not need to increase the herb like you do the medicine. Have you tried the herb ? and If so how long did you try it for?
      The Healing Barn

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