Neglected and Starved to Love and Comfort!

Paso Fino RescuesSo many more equine animals have become starved, neglected, abused, or homeless since the downturn of our economy.  The Healing Barn is dedicated to helping the equine friends in need like the five Paso Finos who were the most recent cases saved by The Healing Barn.

These five horses were turned out to “pasture” and thought that was sufficient food.  However the “pasture” was actually a DRY lot with NO grass, weeds, or single sign of plant growth.  For several months these horse had no food, dirty water, and no shelter, but were expected to thrive and live happily.  Fortunately for these five guys, someone who knew the condition they were in spoke up and within hours these horses we confiscated by the local Humane Society along with The Healing Barn.

The Healing Barn works very hard to ensure horses like this receive the utmost care and are placed in the best homes available.  It is very important to us to help those who maybe can no longer take care of their animals due to a change in financial status and to also educate people on being an owner of equine animals.  We cannot stress enough to ask for help before the animals suffer.

In the case of the Paso Finos there must have been a dozen other farms in the area, and if someone would have asked and put the word out, these animals would have never suffered the starvation they had to endure.

Please remember these animals do not know about financial hardships, stress, divorce or any other human hardship.  It is our responsibility as the humans to provide the care our animals need!

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