Rescued horses and donkeys

In my past blogs I talked about how the rescued donkeys give back.

That goes for the horses also.

Through out my 14 years of rescuing and rehabbing the 4 leggeds, I have become aware of their gratefulness and kind giving back  nature that they all seem to have.  It takes a while for them to trust the man or the 2 legged as they call us, but once they have found their match they are our’s forever.

Here is a story about a 2-year-old stud colt who had not been left out of his stall and still had his yearling  halter on.

The stench of the infection was unbelievable. Your eyes burned, your sinuses ran and there was a 5-6 minute window you could even be around him.

The Healing Barn- George

At that moment of meeting sweet little George I was not sure he would make it another week.  The infection had spread to his eyes and his nasal cavity.  He was crazy with pain and was out to kill anyone that touched him.

Fortunately with calming Herbs, immune boaster Herbs and a quiet hand we were able to release the imbedded halter from his face and began his Healing.  Within 1-2 weeks the process of the Healing was huge.  2 months later all you saw was a scare from where the halter was.  The Healing of the physical was easy.  The Mental not so much.  For you see, George had never seen birds, kids, dogs or even out side.  The wind in his mane scared him, laughing kids scared him, sudden moves were scary.  On the flip side, it was great to see him staring off into the sky and watching the birds as they flew over head.  His attention would be on the kids next door in the swimming pool,splashing and having a great time.  He was blossoming in front of our very eyes. How very cool that was.  Today is 5 years later and George is a great thoroughbred who still has some issues.  We can touch his nose without the wide eye stare and pulling back as if he was reliving his past.  He listens, he has his very own Kitty that stays with him at night.  He hangs out with the lead Horse in the Herd (Bit), I think he honestly is next in line for the job.  He’s learning what it is like to have a saddle on his back and not get too nervous about the whole thing.  Baby steps.  Just his presence in the barn and his story has helped so many broken people realize that there is life after hurting, abused and/or devastation.  That touch he gives those lost soles has given back hundreds of time.  Thank you Georgie, we love you.

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Until we meet again     Nancy

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    1. Linda Boyce says:

      I hope whoever did this to George got locked up in chains….. (or worse!). Thanks be to God for the “healing” touch of the Healing Barn and the gentle souls who patiently worked with George over the last three years. You are angels from Heaven.

    2. Such a wonderful story! Thank you for your love and tender care for this dear precious creature. Please may I see a picture of George now out enjoying God’s creation!

    3. love the story of George. I do so admire those of you all over our country rescuing. I have my own project: ending the soring of the Tennessee walking horses. I take very opportunity to urge all that I can to encourage their congress persons to pass the PAST ACT. I am quite sure George would be on board!

    4. Miriam brunton says:

      Your story about George made me cry!!! and I’m a pretty tough ole broad that has seen much hardship in my life…trained racehorses for years until the callousness of the people involved in the “sport” could I no longer ignore. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! and may “The powers that be””continue to bless your work.

    5. Hi Miriam, thank you for the nice note about George. Yes we cried a lot for him also, but he is a strong one and is doing great now. Keep in touch.
      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    6. Thank you Rose. How is your project doing? Nancy

    7. Hi Rose, good for you going after the abusers of the Tennessee Walkers. Let me know how it goes. Some day I can only hope the abuser stop what they are doing and take a look at them selves. Nancy

    8. Hi Barb, thank you for the nice nice note. As soon as I can figure out how to share a pic of George playing in the herd I will send it to you. 🙂 Nancy

    9. Hi Miss Linda, no the person is not locked up, maybe she should have been. This was not a Humane Society case, when he found George in this condition we told the lady if she would give him up immediately we would not call the authorites that might have taken a couple of weeks. I wasn’t sure George had a couple of weeks, so when she said yes we loaded him up and got him out of there immediately. I truely believe that saved his life. I’m sorry this took so long to respond to you. Hope you and your family are well. 🙂 Nancy

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