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All of our products have been categorized into the benefits that each of these Hilton Herbs products addresses including:

                                 General Health 

Click Here For Information on Hilton Herbs Canine General Health Products In addition Hilton Herbs can provide a diverse range of products formulated from plants found both on the land and in the sea that will help your dog maintain optimum health and vitality throughout its life.  Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine General Health Products


Click Here For Hilton Herb Canine Mobility Products Listed in the following pages are a selection of Hilton Herbs dry and liquid herbal products, plus topical lotions and homeopathics to help support healthy supple joints, muscles and connective tissue in dogs, whatever their age or activity.
Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Mobility Products

 Nerves & Hormones

Click Here For Hilton Herb Canine Nerves & Hormones Products Hilton Herbs range of dried and liquid herbal mixes, homeopathics, sprays, and Bach Flower essences will help you support your pet, whether it is highly strung, nervous, over-excitable, hormonal, a show animal with competition nerves, a pregnant bitch or a rescue case.Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Nerves & Hormone Products

 Coat & Skin 

Click Here For Hilton Herb Canine Coat & Skin Products Hilton Herbs can help you ensure your dog’s coat and skin is maintained in prime condition all year round. Our range of herbal mixes and topical products contain plants known for their soothing, cooling, anti–bacterial and anti–fungal action, that will help you support and maintain your dog’s coat and skin in prime condition whatever the season.
Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Coat & Skin Products

 Special Needs 

Click Here For Hilton Herb Canine Special Needs Products If you have an elderly dog who struggles to shed his coat, one whose immunity needs that extra bit of support, an elderly bitch who can no longer remain dry overnight, or one who suffers during the pollen season, one of the following mixes may be just what you are looking for to help that special canine friend in your life.
Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Special Needs Products


Click Here For Hilton Herb Canine Digestion Products Obviously we can’t rectify all the effects of a poor diet or lack of exercise, but we can offer a variety of pure herbal products that will help ensure your dog’s digestive system is maintained in the very best of health, whatever the age and whatever the routine. Click Here For Hilton Herbs Canine Digestion Products



Hilton Herbs Canine Products



Hilton Herbs – Bach Flower Recovery Remedy
Hilton Herbs – Birth Right
Hilton Herbs – Canine CDRM Mix
Hilton Herbs – Canine Digest Support
Hilton Herbs – Canine Immunity Plus
Hilton Herbs – Canine Mobility
Hilton Herbs – Canine Puriphy (Formerly Milk Thistle Plus)
Hilton Herbs – Canine Seaweed & Rosehip
Hilton Herbs – Canine Top Coat
Hilton Herbs – Canine Tranquility
Hilton Herbs – Canine Tranquility Gold
Hilton Herbs – Canine Vital Daily Health
Hilton Herbs – Canine Vitex Plus
Hilton Herbs – CDRM Solution
Hilton Herbs – Top Dog Tea Tree & Neem Shampoo
Hilton Herbs – Ezee Arnica (formerly Essential Arnica)
Hilton Herbs – First Essential
Hilton Herbs – Garlic Granules
Hilton Herbs – KD Solution
Hilton Herbs – LBM Solution
Hilton Herbs – Muscle Magic (formerly Phytosalve)
Hilton Herbs – Top Dog Blue Shampoo
Hilton Herbs – Top Dog Conditioning Shampoo
Hilton Herbs – Phytobalm
Hilton Herbs – Releaf Gold
Hilton Herbs – Senior Dog (formerly Canine Veteran)
Hilton Herbs – Senior Dog Gold
Hilton Herbs – Space Spray
Hilton Herbs – TLC Lotion (formerly Leg-Aid)
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