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Canine Adrenal Support (formerly Vitex Plus)
Balanced Endocrine System

FORMERLY CUSH-X- A pure herbal product that has been used successfully by many of our customers to help their dogs maintain a balanced endocrine system. Owners have reported excellent results with this mix, especially with older dogs that struggle to shed their coats. Safe to use in conjunction with conventional medication. Read More


Hilton Herbs Canine Special Needs - KD Solution


K D Solution
Healthy Urinary & Kidney Functions

A special pure herbal solution to help support and maintain healthy urinary and kidney function in all breeds of dogs. Ideal for dogs more prone to urinary gravel and stones. Read More


Canine Immunity Plus
Healthy & Efficient Immune System

A mixture of herbs known for their ability to support and maintain a healthy immune system. Use any time you feel your dog’s immunity may be under pressure. A Healing Barn Favorite! Read More


Hilton Herbs Canine Special Needs - CDRM Solution


Hip Dysplasia, Wobblers & Spinal Cord Injuries

A carefully formulated solution designed to help maintain the dog’s pelvic area as well as the nervous, musculo-skeletal, and circulatory systems. Has been beneficial to dogs with hip dysphasia and Wobbler’s Syndrome. Read More


Canine Detox Support (formerly Puriphy or Milk Thistle Plus)
Detox – Kidney & Liver Support

Contains herbs that have been specifically selected to help your dog’s physiological systems respond and maintain during times of stress, deworming, or when exposed to environmental toxins. Specifically formulated to support healthy function of the liver and kidneys. Read More


Hilton Herbs Canine Special Needs - LBM Solution


LBM Solution
For Female Dog Incontinence

A mix of concentrated tinctures known for their ability to help support and maintain healthy bladder control and tone in spade bitches. This solution is completely herbal and does NOT contain hormones. Read More





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