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I love the service y’all give and I can actually talk to a person when I call, thank you!

My Arab was dealing with his second round of sarcoids. I called The Healing Barn after talking to the vets and weighing the options that were available to me. I was told to use VireX cream and Echinacea Plus together and consistently for a period of at least 6 weeks. I probably did this for about 8 weeks and they slowly went away! It took a little patience but nothing else had worked, so, I was thrilled. The next year the same guy got “baby warts” all around his mouth, I promptly called the Healing Barn again and they advised to do the same thing as I had done for the sarcoids. I started the process and seemed to take forever with absolutely no change. Then, one day he was totally clean of those pesky warts, yes, overnight! I am sold! Thank you!

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