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Hilton Herbs Equine General Health Hilton Herbs Equine General Health Garlic Granules

Hilton Herbs Pure Garlic Granules, rich in bio-available Sulphur, Oil and B group vitamins for horses and dog to help maintain general health and support the immune system.

Owners may find the Hilton Herbs Pure Garlic Granules more suitable for fussy animals.

It is believed that garlic is one of the most effective natural healing substance in the world. It is popularly used to treat equine respiratory diseases and infections in the horse’s lungs.

Garlic from Hilton Herbs is rich in Selenium and Sulphur. Sulphur is recognised as having blood cleansing properties that are useful in treating and preventing equine disease. It is also believed to contain over 25 germ-killing compounds.


Hilton Herbs Pure Garlic Granules Contain: 100% Pure cold-pressed dehydrated Garlic Granules .


Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For General Health

Hilton Herbs Equine General Health In addition Hilton Herbs can provide a diverse range of products formulated from plants found both on the land and in the sea that will help your horse maintain optimum health and vitality throughout its life.
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Hilton Herbs Garlic Granules – Maintain General Health & Immune System Support


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(U00513) 2.2 lbs Bag $16.50 Add to Basket
(U00517) 6.6 lbs Bag $42.00 Add to Basket
(U00519) 11 lbs Bag $68.00 Add to Basket


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    1. Lynn P Mozolic says:

      I don’t see any dosage amounts so not sure how long each bag might last. I have a fussy eater so not even sure he will take to it. But beyond that, how long will the 2.2 last for a horse about 1100 pounds?

    2. Amanda Hicks says:

      Re pure garlic granulas I was wondering how much of this product I would need I have 3 horses one is of lower weight 700lbs a current rescue from a slaughter lot. 1 mare 1300and are yearling 700 lbs. I was also wondering if this can be bought at a store too. Thank you for your assistance

    3. 1) How soon would the fly / tick repelling aspects of garlic take effect?

      2) What is the dosage of garlic granules for our horse herd that includes retirees, broodmares, performance horses and young horses aged foal-3 year olds?

    4. Hi Annetta, the dose for all ages is a small scoop that will or should be in the package. Normally you should see some help in 7-10 days and the longer they are on it the more efficient the garlic is. Hope this helps. Keep in touch. Nancy

    5. Hi Amanda, You may be able to find the garlic in stores but this is product we sell is formulated for horses. We are located outside of Toledo and do carry the product at our warehouse. A 2.2 bag would last a normal size horse a month. Hope this helps. Let us know. 🙂 have a great day. Nancy

    6. The 2.2 will last a normal size horse 1 month. There is a small scoop inside the bag, I would suggest starting out with just a sprinkle on his food and work your way up..
      I hope this helps. Nancy

    7. What would you suggest for horse eating field grass?…were to put the garlic then???

    8. Hi Ric, that’s a great question. Do you have ground feeders that you could put in front of your horse 1 x a day? Generally they will eat the garlic with no problem.
      Let us know how it goes.
      🙂 Nancy owner of The Healing Barn

    9. Joan Dixon says:

      I have a horse with serious bug bite problems………..he ends up biting himself it causes him so much frustration. I tried other garlic but when I put yours on this morning he ate it no problem!! Now I am wondering if maybe I ought to keep him on it yr. round. even though we live SD where it does get cold and bugs are less certain times of the yr.

      Also can our broodmares in foal and with foals at side have this garlic?

      Gee— it is less expensive if I get it in 25 lb bags ? I have 14 horses and would like to use it for them all!!!

      Please let me know.
      Thanks for the Horse loving garlic!! I am anxious for it to help “Noble” feel better.

    10. Hi Joan how is Noble doing on the Garlic. We recommend starting the horses on the Garlic after the first thaw in the spring and keeping them on it all summer until the first freeze. Yes the bigger the bag the cheaper it is. Although all the Hilton products are natural we can not say that they are or are not safe in pregnancy. Hope this helps. Nancy

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