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Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Milk Thistle Plus

Hilton Herbs Milk Thistle Plus This tried and tested formulation will help support normal healthy liver, kidney and lymphatic function in horses and ponies all year round.

We particularly recommend using Hilton Herbs Milk Thistle Plus when access to pasture is restricted, routinely in conjunction with your regular worming program or at any time when your horses liver and/or kidneys are under particular stress.


Hilton Herbs Milk Thistle Plus Contains: Bruised Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Cleaver herb, Nettle leaf, Liquorice root, Dandelion leaf.

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Special Needs


Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs The following range of products have been carefully formulated by Hilton Herbs to help support these “Special Needs” horses, maintain their quality of life, restore the natural balance, and encourage them back to full health.
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Hilton Herbs Milk Thistle Plus – Detox Formula & Support For Liver And Kidneys


Code: Size: Price: Items:
(70150) 2.2 lbs Tub $48.00 Add to Basket
(70156) 4.4 lbs Bag $84.00 Add to Basket
(70160) 11 lbs Bag $205.00 Add to Basket





    • UP TO 12.2 hh – 1 SCOOP DAILY
    • 12.2 hh – 14.2 hh – 2 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 14.2 hh – 15.2 hh – 3 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 15.2 hh – 16.2 hh – 4 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 16.2 hh AND ABOVE – 4-5 SCOOPS DAILY



  • 2.2 LB TUB – 4 WEEKS
  • 4.4 LB TUB/BAG – 8 WEEKS
  • 11 LB TUB/BAG – 6 MONTHS

**Usage Based on An Average 15hh horse.


Hilton Herbs Milk Thistle Plus – Detox Formula & Support For Liver And Kidneys

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    1. Athena Tacoronte says:

      With this product how long do I give it to my horse 1 day, 1 week?

    2. Hi Athena, this message is little delayed in getting back to you, SORRY. Depending on what you are detoxing your horse for depends on how long you use the Milk thistle. Generally speaking 1 month does the trick.

      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    3. Cherri Monson says:

      Just wondering…how big is the scoop? My horse would need 3 scoops, but he is such a finicky guy that I worry the 3 scoops (if large) would ‘take over’ & taste funny. Thank you!

    4. Hi Cherri it is about the size of a silver dollar but deeper. We always recommend starting out with a 1/2 scoop for about a week and slowly add more as time goes on. I use that product here at The Healing Barn after vaccines and worming and I haven’t had any issues with them not wanting to eat it. Let Me know.
      Thank you Nancy Owner of The Healing Barn 🙂

    5. Hi Cheri, we have been very blessed that the horses do eat the supplements. We suggest always starting out with 1/2 scoop and work your way up so your horse gets used to it gradually. Good luck and keep us posted. Nancy (owner of THE HEALING BARN)

    6. Hi, we recently moved from Ga to Fla and my horses have been having a hard time adjusting. there are so many toxic weeds here that they have never been around. is the milk thistle a good product to give them to help them detox in case they have been ingesting things they shouldn’t? I worry about interactions etc. hope you can help.

    7. Hi Grace, adjusting to the surroundings? Or a change in food? If it is from the surroundings I would use Calm and Collected for the next 2 months. I have used this product on all the rescues that come into the barn, it helps them relax with out drugging them. If it’s the food our digest support would help that issue. Thank you. Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Nancy

    8. Renee' Pearce says:

      I give my mare Dex periodically for COPD. Would I do milk thistle powder only when she is on it or all the time and how much?

    9. Hi Renee’, You would give your mare the Milk Thistle every day she is on the Dexa and 3-5 days after she is off the Dexa. This will help protect her kidneys and her liver. A 2.2 tub will last a normal size horse 1 month if used every day and costs $48.00. I hope this helps.
      Keep in touch.
      Nancy Owner of The Healing Barn 🙂

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