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Hilton Herbs Equine MobilityHilton Herbs Equine Mobility Multi Flex

Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex was the very first mix Hilton Herbs ever made. Admittedly is has been “tweaked” a bit in the last 16 years, but it has stood the test of time and Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex is still our biggest selling mix.

All those horse owners can’t be wrong!

Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex’s pure herbal formula will help support strong, supple joints, muscles, connective tissue and optimum mobility whatever your horse or ponies age.

Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex is equally as suitable for the regular competitor or the older horse.


Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex Contains: Devils Claw root, Hawthorn flowering tops, Meadowsweet herb, Milk Thistle seed, Nettle leaf, Cleaver herb, Celery seed, Dandelion root.


Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Optimum Mobility


Hilton Herbs Equine Mobility Listed in the following pages are a selection of Hilton Herbs dry and liquid herbal products, plus topical lotions and homeopathics to help support healthy supple joints, muscles and connective tissue in horse or ponies, whatevertheir age or activity.
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Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex – Supports Strong, Supple Joints & Muscles

Code: Size: Price: Items:
(70250) 2.2 lbs Tub $50.00 Add to Basket
(70256) 4.4 lbs Bag $88.00 Add to Basket
(70260) 11 lbs Bag $212.00 Add to Basket





    • UP TO 12.2 hh – 1 SCOOP DAILY
    • 12.2 hh – 14.2 hh – 2 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 14.2 hh – 15.2 hh – 3 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 15.2 hh – 16.2 hh – 4 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 16.2 hh AND ABOVE – 4-5 SCOOPS DAILY



  • 2.2 LB TUB – 4 WEEKS
  • 4.4 LB TUB/BAG – 8 WEEKS
  • 11 LB TUB/BAG – 6 MONTHS

**Usage Based on An Average 15hh horse.


Hilton Herbs Multi – Flex – Supports Strong, Supple Joints & Muscles

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    1. Nancy Swigart says:

      I have the rescue barn that uses so much of this product. Out of 18 horses/donkeys 15 horses/donkeys are on this product. It clearly is the most useful and the best product to help support any issue the horses may have with their joints & muscles. This product gives the quality of life back to all ages. Thank you Hilton

    2. I use this for a senior mare with arthritis. She was limping so bad she could barely walk, but two weeks on this and she is trotting. This product is a lifesaver for her and for me and it is so easy to put in with food. She loves it!

    3. Hi Miss Amanda, thank you so much for your testimonial. This is one of my favorite Herbs that we sell. It is truly amazing on how it gives life back to our seniors.
      P.S. sorry this post took so long to get back to you. 🙂
      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    4. All four of my horses with various hind end issues due to age and/or injuries are amazingly more sound and comfortable with Multiflex and the change happened within 2-3days. I’ve used joint supplements for my 20yr TB. None made him feel, flex and move better in the last few years. Took him off to test and within a few days he was stiff again in his hocks and pelvis. I’m very impressed with this product.

    5. Hi Kate thank you so much again for your comments, it’s people like you that make this a fun business while making our horses feel the best they can. Here at The Healing Barn Rescue 10 out of 20 horses are on the Multiflex. 3 are over the age of 30 and 1 is 36 years old and doing great. They just feel better on the joint supplement. I can see it in their eyes first then they run and play with the herd. Thank you again. Nancy

    6. Could someone please call me 805. 328-1075 my horse looked terrible after 3 weeks. The vet says he has cushings. But we did no bloodwork just physical. Maybe it is insulin resistance. But could someone call me to discuss herbs for him. The worst thing is his hanging belly and swollen shealth. There are two raised areas from stomach to the sheath. I want to order product but feel more comfortable talking to someone first. Please call asap at 805 328-1075. Thank you.

    7. Hi Cheryl, hopefully you have talked to Corri at 1-877-300-2638. It is best you call her 9-3 Eastern standard time. Our warehouse is in OHIO. There sounds like a lot of things going on with your guy and e-mail takes to long to answer back and forth. Good luck.

    8. Patrice Archuleta says:

      Hello there,
      Currently using Vitex for my older gelding.29 years this month! Can I also add this multi-flex herbal product to his feed along with his vitamins and vitex? Thanks you. Patrice Archuleta

    9. Hi Patrice, yes you can add Multi-flex we use that with every horse that has cushings. Thank you. 🙂

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