Hilton Herbs – Virex Cream (Previously Ditton Cream)

Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Virex Ditton Cream

Hilton Herbs Virex Cream – is formulated and manufactured by the same company that produces the fantastic Phytobalm cream.

Taking the finest quality Calendula cream they add Witch Hazel extract with its cooling, soothing, drying and astringent properties, rich and effective Calendula oil and Thuja, the traditional herbal and homeopathic plant for helping to support a healthy immune system.

Hilton Herbs Virex Cream is safe to use on even the most sensitive areas, will not harm even if ingested, and should be applied once or twice daily.

We recommend using it in conjunction with our Echinacea Plus if necessary.

Hilton Herbs Virex Cream Contains: Calendula Cream – Thuja aromatic water & decoction, Calendula officinalis – infused oil, Almond Oil, St Johns Wort oil, Witch Hazel aromatic water.


Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Special Needs

Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs The following range of products have been carefully formulated to help support these “Special Needs” horses, maintain their quality of life, restore the natural balance, and encourage them back to full health.Click Here For Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Products


Hilton Herbs Virex Cream (Previously Ditton Cream)

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Hilton Herbs Virex Cream (Previously Ditton Cream)

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    1. Sheila says:

      Does this cream shrink sarcoidosis?

    2. Hi Sheila, yes the Virex cream does help with Sarcoidosis. If you haven’t already, call Corri at THE HEALING BARN and she will give you the treatment that she has had such
      great results for the sarcoids.

      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    3. I have a horse with terrible sarcoids Do you have something that will actually get rid of them?

    4. Yes we actually have two products that are working wonderfully. We recommend not to cut them off, start your horse on Echinacea internally and the use of Virex Cream 2x a day locally. You will see the sarcoids get much worse as the Virex pulls the lesion out and then the body starts to heal itself. We are treating a Pony right now that had a horrible sarcoid on his neck for 2 years before we met him, we started him on this combination and within 2 months there was a huge change for the better. That was in August and the lesion is almost gone. You can order both off our website. Nancy

    5. My horse has a sarcoid near his eye, and I would like to know if your Virex Cream can be used near the eyes?

    6. Hi Cindy, the Virex cream is not recommended to use in the eye, but depending on how close it is to his eye if you are super careful and use a q-tip that might work. You don’t need much, jut a dot 2 x times a day. You would be the best judge of how close it is. Keep in touch and let us know. Nancy

    7. Nancy L. Craig says:

      My mare had a sarcoid near her eye that started out very small but eventually started to grow larger, my vet said there was really no treatment unless it grew outward (like cauliflower), but it could be a problem if it grew to her eyelid. I ordered the Ditton Cream and started using it but didn’t expect much. Soon the white scaliness softened, the skin turned black, then one day it looked orange, she is a red dun, it was hair growing in! The next time the vet was there I asked him to check her sarcoid and he looked at her right side, looked at her left side, came back to her right side, looked for a minute, the asked, “What did you do?”. It has been over 10 years now and no trace of the sarcoid. You can’t tell she ever had one. Best money I ever spent!

    8. Dear Nancy, thank you so much for the testimonial. I am excited for you. Yes we have had huge success with the now called Virex cream. It has been a life saver. 🙂 Nancy

    9. I have 4yrs old mare that I bought last April and this past December she developed a Sarcoid right behind the girth area. This is the first time I ever heard of this and when I read about it my heart sank. The vet gave me some cream to put on it that cost over hundred dollars for and seem to help it heal within 3weeks but then after I went back riding her I noticed it came back. I couldn’t ride her for those days she had it and then when I think it’s gone it comes back. It started as a huge swollen ulcer looking lump and when I squeezed it pus poured out. So now it’s back and I have no idea what else to do. I understand there is no cure (I wish there was) and wondering on the success rate for your product and how do I get rid of it.

    10. Often times they will come back as this is something that she has in her system now, but what I can say is when we have treated both internally and externally we have a great success rate of them staying away much longer than short periods of time. We suggest using the Virex Cream along with our Hilton Herbs Echinacea Plus Gold to support her system internally as well. In most cases you can do the internal support for 8-12 weeks but this would be determined on how quickly hers reappear after treatment. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

    11. The Echinacea plus gold, I only use it for certain period of time or can it be used as a supplement on a daily use? Being that this virus can’t be cured and I understand it’s a life time of our breaks with tumors. Can I use the dry or is the liquid better for her condition?

    12. The Echinacea Plus can be used both short and long terms. Depending on the condition you are targeting. Also if your horse is under 15.2HH it is most economical to go with the dry version long term, but if she is 15.3HH or above the Gold (liquid) version is best!

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