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Electrobraid Color Patterns Electrobraid 1000′ Reels.

ElectroBraid™ rope is made from high quality braided polyester fibers that won’t unravel or break. The high strength braid protects the copper wire conductors that are formed in helical coils like springs to allow for bend and stretch.  The copper wires won’t break up to 1,350 pounds tension.

 ElectroBraid™ combines resilience with barrier strength. It is offered in 3 attractive patterns/colors.


  Electrobraid – 1000′ Reel 
     Sale Save $25 per 1000′ Reel

     on Any Color .

SALE $174.99
$199.99 per reel
White Electrobraid White
Checkered Electrobraid Checkered
Black Electrobraid Black

Required Accessories

Installation Video Electrobraid Installation Video – FREE
Installation Manual Electrobraid Installation Manual – FREEClick Here To Download The Electrobraid Installation Manual


Digital Volt Meter

Digital Volt Meter



Digital Volt Meter – $38.05


Electrobraid Tension Kit


Electrobraid Tension Kit

The tension kit is a required tool for tensioning the Braid.

Required for all fences

Note: Never use machinery to tension the Braid.

Electrobraid Tension Kit – 1 kit – $24.66

Electrobraid Insulators


Roller Insulators – Bag of 10

The roller style insulators are easy to install with 2.5 in screws.

The roller separates from the bracket to allow insertion of the Electrobraid rope without the need for a free end.

Electrobraid Split Bolt Connector ebline-post-wood Roller Insulator
The Roller insulator is used to start or terminate a

strand of Braid™ at an End Post.

For Corners or any change in direction.

Webbing No Longer Available.

The free floating roller design makes

tensioning around corners easy.

The strength and, UV stability, ensures a no maintenance 20 year installation.

2 1/2″ Screws Ordered Separately – See Below

Black RollerWhite Roller

BLACK Roller Insulators – Bag of 10 – $11.99
WHITE Roller Insulators – Discontinued – 1/1/2018



For Line Posts

Electrobraid Line Post Insulators

Line Post Insulators may be used rather than the more costly Roller Insulators, for line posts, or simply to insulate the braid from coming into contact with anything that might otherwise ground it, such as the cross beam of an H-Braced Corner Post.
Available in either black or white.


Line Post Insulator ebline-post-wood Pipe Fences
Used for Wood In-Line posts when the posts are in a straight line with no changes in direction – either side to side, or up or down. Line-Post Insulator is also an economical insulator for brace posts Line-Post Insulator can be used on existing wood, vinyl of pipe fences.


HEAVY DUTY Post Insulators 

Heavy Duty Line Post Insulators - BlackHeavy Duty Line Post Insulators - White

Black Heavy Duty Line Post Insulators – Bag of 25 – $8.99

White Heavy Duty Line Post Insulators – Bag of 25 – $8.99


SUPER DUTY Post Insulators 

Super Duty Line Post Insulators - BlackSuper Duty Line Post Insulators - White

Black Super Duty Line Post Insulators – Bag of 20 – $21.99

White Super Duty Line Post Insulators – Bag of 20 – $21.99




For T-Posts

Electrobraid T-Post Insulator   T-Post Insulators for Standard T-Posts

The T-Post insulators will fit any standard small, medium or large T-Posts and    accommodates the Braid™.


Electrobraid T-Post Insulators- Bag of 25 – $5.85



T-Post Toppers – Caps

ITCPB-Z_1  T-Post Toppers – Caps

Note the T-Post cap which serves as an insulator for the top line of Braid™ as well as    reduces the spear hazard T-Posts can represent


Electrobraid T-Post Toppers/Caps Bag of 10 – $7.99


Offset Insulators – For Top Board Protector Braid on Existing Fences

2" Off-Set Insulator
2″ Off-Set Insulator  
Used to mount ElectroBraid™ on existing board or wire mesh fence to reduce stocking pressure and/or cribbingThis technique is most often called a top board protector. It is also useful for excluding predators by running several – low to the ground – strands of Braid™ on the outside of an existing fence  
2″ Off-Set Insulators – Bag of 25 Black with nails- $4.66



Use Coupon Code – THB75

HEX Head Screws

   Available in 1″ and 2″ lengths

1" HEX Head Screw 1 ” HEX Head Screws – Bag of 50 – $6.54
2 " HEX Head Screws 2 1/2″ HEX Head Screws – Bag of 50 – $8.99



Solar and Standard Energizers




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for Critical Information in Selecting a Charger & Fence Minder

Click Here For Energizers



Electrical Accessories

Copper Split Bolt Connectors  – 10 per pkg.

Use Copper Split Bolt connectors to splice, terminate braid and for electrical connections.

Split Bolts Electrobraid Connecting Electrobraid Splice
Split Bolts are used to begin or terminate a strand of Braid. For electrical connections. Splice lengths of Braid together.


Copper Split Bolt Connectors – 10 pk – $24.99


Copper Lead-Out (Hook-Up) Wire – 200 Foot Reel

  Copper Lead-Out (Hook-Up) Wire A Copper, heavily insulated (15,000v) wire is necessary to prevent electrical leakage and electrolysis at connection points.

Note: NEVER substitute with wire that is not copper or properly insulated.

This Lead-Out wire is used to Connect your Energizer to the fence and to your 3 ground rods.
It is also used to supply power between the Electrobraid strands at gates and end posts.

(Copper Lead-Out is black wire)
Copper Lead-Out Wire 200 Foot Roll – $96.51



Cut Off Switch – On/Off Switch

Cut Off Switch - On/Off SwitchUsed to turn sections of fences on/off. Also useful for trouble shooting sections of fence.

When installed where the lead-out wire connects to the fence, it allows the fence to be turned on/off with out having to walk back to the energizer.

On/Off positions easily seen from a distance


Electrobraid Cut Off Switch- 1 each – $8.99



Use Coupon Code – THB75


Neutral Plate Connector

Neutral Plate Connector  A Neutral Plate Connector allows you to take power to or from an existing fence wire
(not Braid™) fence using the copper lead-out wire. The neutral plate connector keeps       the copper wire from contacting the steel wire by means of a plate in between the two.    This prevents the eventual shorting out of the wires from electrolysis (corrosion).


Electrobraid Neutral Plate Connector – 1 each – $12.89


Fence Alert

Electrobraid Fence Alert Note: FenceAlert works with all “pulsed” energizers.

  • Light flashes when low or intermittent voltages are detected
  • Can be seen from up to 1 mile
  • Powered by a CR2032 lithium button cell battery – readily available locally
  • No ground lead required
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • 1 year warranty

The FenceAlert can be used on permanent and temporary fencing. The tall clip allows the FenceAlert to be attached to fencing wire from 16 gauge to 8 gauge, or onto electric tape up to 1 1/2″.

Electrobraid Fence Alert – 1 each – $17.95

Warning Sign

 Warning SignTo Warn Visitors That The Fence is Electric

Electric fences should be marked every 200-300 feet. Check with your County Extension    Office or, in a city, with the Clerk’s Office to find out your local electric fencing ordinances


The Brilliant Yellow Color attracts attention that the fence is electrified.  The heavy plastic    easily attaches to the braid strand.


Electrobraid Fence Warning Sign – 3 per pkg – $7.99



6 Foot Copper Ground Rod.

Ground Rods6 FT Copper Clad Ground Rod.

Used to ground the system along with copper hook-up wire.

A minimum of three Ground Rods are required.

More maybe necessary with larger paddocks or dry soil conditions.

Note: Over 90% of problems with electrifying fences is attributed to insufficient grounding.

It is essential that you use copper clad ground rods, copper lead-out wire, and copper split bolts connectors

to ensure against electrolysis (corrosion) preventing your fence from functioning properly.

6 Foot Copper Ground Rod – 1 rod – $21.75



8 Foot Ground Rod Kit

8 Foot Ground Rod4



8 Foot Ground Rod – 1 kit – $38.46


ElectroBraid GRC-EB Ground Clamp

ElectroBraid GRC-EB Ground Clamp



Need a top-notch connection of ground wire to ground rod? We have the product for you.

The ElectroBraid Ground Clamp helps to make a superior connection of ground wire to ground rod. It’s heavy duty construction ensures long usage. Packed 1 clamp per bag.


EB Ground Clamp – 1 clamp   $9.49
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