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Hilton Herbs Kitty Ease 1.69 fl oz


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Hilton Herbs Kitty Ease – To get the very best out of a fresh healthy diet, or in fact any diet, it is vital your cat’s digestive system is working effectively and efficiently, literally from top to bottom!

Hilton Herbs’ proprietary blend of herbal extracts and sweet-tasting vegetable glycerine will provide the natural help and support your cat’’’s digestive system needs to ensure it processes its food as efficiently and effectively as possible, thereby getting the very best from its diet.

In addition Kitty Ease contains herbs chosen specifically to help support liver function and maintain normal waste elimination.

Hilton Herbs Kitty Ease Contains: 1:3 extracts of Slippery elm inner bark, Liquorice root, Barberry stem bark, Dandelion root, Yellow dock root, Chamomile flowers, Aloe vera and vegetable glycerine.

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