Hilton Herbs – Equine Insu-lite

Hilton Herbs Equine Insu-lite – Specifically formulated for ‘easy keepers’, for horses and ponies that live on ‘fresh air’ or may struggle to maintain normal healthy body weight. A horse’s digestive balance can easily be upset by factors such as stress, travel, competition, hormone levels, cereal-rich food, wormers, or just a change in environment! Let us […]

Hilton Herbs – Vitex Plus Gold

Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus Gold – Clinically trialed formula, to support a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies. In response to customer demand we are now producing our popular and successful  Vitex Plus mix in liquid format! Our customers wanted a liquid product that could, if necessary, be syringed into their horse or pony’s […]

Hilton Herbs – Black Velvet Shampoo

Hilton Herbs Black Velvet – Originally formulated to help keep the famous Lloyd’s Bank black Trakehener stallion’s coat a nice rich black. This Hilton Herbs shampoo contains Black Henna, Nettle extract and Rosemary essential oil to help intensify depth of colour in Black and Dark Coats, especially useful if the coat has become bleached by the […]

Hilton Herbs – Horse Chestnut Shampoo

Hilton Herbs Horse Chestnut – Lets not forget those Chestnut, Red and Brown dogs out there! The bottle may say horse but this is a excellent shampoo for red and brown color dogs. Combining the properties of natural Walnut extract and Red Henna, this Hilton Herbs shampoo will impart richness, depth of color and gleaming highlights […]

Hilton Herbs – Ocean Blue Shampoo

Hilton Herbs Ocean Blue – A Natural Winner Hilton Herbs’ award winning shampoo has still not been bettered. Voted best shampoo for grey and colored horses two years running and winner of the UK’s “Your Horse Best Buy” award for shampoos for greys and pinto’s. Hilton Herbs Ocean Blue is fabulous for lifting the yellow out of […]

Hilton Herbs – Coal Tar, Neem and Tea Tree Shampoo

Hilton Herbs Coal Tar, Neem and Tea Tree– This medicated shampoo with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, contains three classic ingredients to produce a pleasant smelling, cooling and cleansing lather. Ideal for horses or dogs with dull, dry coats or scurfy skin. We recommend its use in conjunction with Hilton Herbs’ product Hilton Herbs Top Coat, to help keep […]

Hilton Herbs – Ocean Green Shampoo

Hilton Herbs Ocean Green Shampoo– Whatever color your horse, pony or dog is, Hilton Herbs’ Ocean Green shampoo with its Nettle extract and Rosemary oil will ensure your animals coat and skin remains clean and healthy.   Contains:  Aqua, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, glycerine, coconut diethanolamide, rosemary extract, nettle extract, aloe vera gel, preservative merthyl paraben, […]

Hilton Herbs – Kitty Ezee-P

Hilton Herbs Kitty Ezee – P During their lifetime both male and female cats may need help to maintain a healthy urinary system. Inappropriate urination and incontinence are signs that your cat’s urinary system is not functioning properly, and you should seek veterinary advice immediately. This can be both a painful and emotionally distressing condition to an animal that is so particular […]

Hilton Herbs – Kitty KD

Hilton Herbs Kitty KD – A healthy renal system is vital for cats of all ages. As cats age it is important to support the health of all their internal organs, particularly the kidneys, to ensure bodily waste products can be efficiently and effectively processed and then excreted from the body. This sweet-tasting liquid has been specifically formulated by Hilton Herbs […]

Hilton Herbs – Kitty Mew’n

Hilton Herbs Kitty Mew’n – Throughout their lives cats may occasionally need extra support to help them maintain a healthy and efficient immune response. Hilton Herbs’ easy to use sweet-tasting liquid herbal product is rich in Echinacea purpura root, together with other herbs selected specifically for their ability to support a normal healthy immune system and response. Use any time you […]

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