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Hilton Herbs Equine Coat & Skin Hilton Herbs Equine Coat & Skin - Bye Bye Itch

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch – Does exactly what it says on the label!

Bye Bye Itch Has Been Specially Formulated to Help Combat Sweet Itch and Seasonal Itching in All Equines.

The supplement is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), vital for maintaining skin and cellular integrity and encouraging natural resistance to allergens and irritations.  The supplement also contains herbs that offer a cleansing and cooling anti histamine action.

Bye Bye Itch from Hilton Herbs is designed to be fed to horses & ponies in the months prior to and throughout the ‘itching’ season.

The mix has been extensively trialed in the UK where 93% of the trial participants reported that feeding Hilton Herbs’ Bye Bye Itch had significantly helped their horse or pony.

Compliments our Bye Bye Itch Lotion

Contains: Cooked Flaxseed, Brewer’s Yeast, Vegetable charcoal, Buckwheat, Nettle, Diatomaceous earth

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Hilton Herbs - Equine - Coat & Skin Hilton Herbs can help you ensure your horse’s coat and skin is maintained in prime condition all year round. Hilton Herbs’ range of herbal mixes and topical products contain plants known for their soothing, cooling, anti–bacterial and anti–fungal action, that will help you support and maintain your Horses’s coat and skin in prime condition whatever the season. Click Here For Hilton Herbs Equine Coat & Skin Products


Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch – Combat Seasonal Itching From Sweet Itch



Code: Size: Price: Items:
(70402) 4.4 lbs Tub $60.00 Add to Basket
(70404) 4.4 lbs Bag $55.00 Add to Basket
(70406) 8.8 lbs Tub $111.00 Add to Basket
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    • UP TO 12.2 hh – 1 SCOOP DAILY
    • 12.2 hh – 14.2 hh – 2 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 14.2 hh – 15.2 hh – 3 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 15.2 hh – 16.2 hh – 4 SCOOPS DAILY
    • 16.2 hh AND ABOVE – 4-5 SCOOPS DAILY



  • 4.4 LB TUB – 4 WEEKS
  • 8.8 LB TUB – 8 WEEKS

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch – Combat Seasonal Itching From Sweet Itch


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    1. karen steele says:

      I have a 38″ mini horse who is so irritated with the itch. Is this known to work for sure ? I’m getting tired of lotions and potions. Nothing has worked that I have applied. She has already broken out under the belly. I live in Maryland, USA

    2. Bonnie L says:

      I have had Dolly for almost 4 years and she has suffered every summer with sores on her belly and has rubbed off most of her mane and tail. I thought I tried everything on the market. Went to Equine Affaire and found Bye Bye Itch. I have had Dolly on this product for the past 2 months and she still has a mane and tail and no sores on her belly. It’s a miracle. The lotion is really good also. smells good and use it on the base of her tail and mane. Not only has she stop itching her coat is soft and shines. I am ordering more today.

    3. This stuff works great. My 22-year-old horse had rubbed most of his tail off before I started using this. It has grown back completely. I use it year-round. The vet is amazed at the progress my horse has made since I have been giving him this.

    4. If you have tried everything to alleviate your donkey’s torment, Bye Bye Itch is for you! We live in the dry Arizona desert and for a year and a half, my husband and I tried EVERYTHING on our poor donkey’s legs to try and heal him–topical creams, Bag Balm, systemic ivermectin, supposedly “safe” insecticides–but nothing worked. Sure, they helped a little bit, for a couple of days, but they never gave him any long-lasting peace from this nasty itch. Then, we finally found out it was the nasty midges causing it. They seemed to be impervious to anything we tried. THEN A FRIEND FROM TEXAS TOLD US ABOUT BYE BYE ITCH! At first, we thought, “Yeah, just another bit of money to put out for something that won’t work.” We were disheartened, but decided to try the smallest container of “just one more thing” and, WOW! We would never have believed that a HEALTHY additive on his food, that he loves to eat, could have cured him, but it has! He has had the first relief from these invisible torturers, that he has had in over a year.

      So, if you love your horse or donkey, you have not tried everything until you TRY THIS. It is the most amazing thing we have ever seen, and he began to get relief in a week! A month and a half later, and he has healed, and we can tell that he is so happy–a different donkey!

    5. Hi Marsha,
      This note to you is really delayed, but thank you so much for your testimonial. And yes the BYE-BYE itch is a great Herb.
      It is amazing how great it works on all the equines.

      Owner of THE HEALING BARN

    6. If anyone could help I would appreciate it…my older horse over the last few years here in a dry climate in NM has started to itch more than a horse would normally do…it seems to be in the winter months and the itching is around his face especially down his blaze.

      He does have some body itching but not alot. some on his shoulders and when he itches it is down to the skin causing bleeding. There are no itch spots on tails or legs…and because of the winter months it does not seem to be due to nats, flys, mosquitos.

      Has anyone had a horse like this as our vet said put him on antihistamines or benadryl…which to us is for sinus or eye allergies which it could be but we are hoping a more natural herb protect would be better for his system to improve his skin and coat.

      Thank you

    7. Hi Kim, Nancy Here from The Healing Barn. Yes this issue is a very common problem with the equines. There are several items on the net to buy but since I and we have been doing this business now for 20 years we finally found the product that works. The Bye Bye itch is formulated to change the make of your horses skin. With this change to a healthier skin, the horses skin will heal and ward off any mite or allergy that might be invading him or her. Keep in mind your horse did not develop this over night so give the product at least a month to start seeing an improvement. The beauty of this product is it does not cause any issues with the liver or kidneys. Let me know how it goes. You can order on line at Thehealingbarn.com. Also with your purchase you are helping to support the 20 rescues at The Healing Barn. Thank you and keep in touch. Nancy

    8. I stumbled across The Healing Barn’s website while looking for a natural remedy for sweet itch. Up until last summer, I had no idea this condition even existed and I’ve had horses in my life since I was 6 years old! After many years of longing for a Friesian, my dream came true. They’re a little different in that they can suffer from conditions other breeds don’t experience. I assume it’s due to the lack of a large gene pool as they were brought back from just a handful of stallions. Anyway, last summer I notice his itching was obsessive & over the top so much to the point that he looked like he fell into a piranha tank. My farrier said it looked like sweet itch & my response was “sweet what????” So off I go looking for remedies. NOTHING worked! This year I found THB’s website & thought “what do I have to lose?” After just 3 DAYS, I noticed he didn’t immediately run to the threshold of his outside run, when brought in from the field, to start the scratching routine. Then, after just 1 week, I noticed he wasn’t getting any new wounds & his current ones were healing! That was yesterday…I was so elated & surprised that I just had to share my experience so if anyone is considering this supplement but isn’t convinced it will work, to order it NOW! I also ordered the lotion & he seems to enjoy me putting it on him. In the past, it was an ordeal or wipe ANYTHING on his face. The lotion literally calms him as I believe he KNOWS it makes him feel better. Thank you Healing Barn for all you do and for offering superb products for our equine friends!!!

    9. Brittany says:

      I just wanted to take the time to tell you what wonderful products your BYE BYE ITCH Herbs and Lotion are. My horse Rocky has had severe sweet itch since I have had him. Each Summer he’d lose hair, be covered in scabs and even develop skin infections because the sweet itch was so bad. I have tried every herbal product, home remedy, horse clothing and even prescription medications in the past with minimal success. In 2013, we moved from Florida to Michigan and while the severity improved slightly due to climate differences, Rocky was still miserable. By July he’d bald on his tummy,top of his tail and his mane would be short and stick up like a zebra’s from such vigorous itching. This year, I started him on BYE BYE ITCH herbs in April and I am proud to say that he is having his first Summer with intact skin in 12 long years! He still has thick hair on his tummy, mane and tail! He does get a few scabs on the hairless areas around his groin occasionally, but with one application of the Bye Bye Itch lotion, those areas heal within 2 days! I want to thank you for such an amazing product and for allowing me to enjoy Summer with my horse for the first time ever!

    10. GREAT….Thank you for your post. It is a wonderful product that was long over due coming out. Thank you for your support..

    11. Thank you Kathy for the great support. It’s people like you and your horse that make us happy to serve.
      🙂 Nancy and Corri from The Healing Barn

    12. Kate Alcaraz says:

      I have a 16.3hh draft horse with terrible- I mean terrible- sweet itch and ordered this product. I’ve found though that I need 5 scoops for the serving suggestion and have to give him a load of grain for him to consider eating the product. I’m worried this isn’t cost effective more such a big horse. Suggestions?

    13. Hi Kate, When did you start your Draft on the product? Normally we don’t suggest using a less of a dose but you could try giving full amount to him/her until the sweet itch is completely gone or it has been in his system for approx 3 months which ever comes first and then take it down to 3-4 scoops a day and if it holds the itch at bay then it’s a win, if not take it back up. The Bye-Bye itch changes the skin and coat so that it is less likely to get the raw area’s. Then keep him on it through out the season to help keep him comfortable. Please keep us informed and let us know how it goes. Nancy

    14. Colleen says:

      I am already feeding a flax meal supplement. Can I safely feed the Bye Bye Itch with it? Also Dr. Getty, Ph.D. said that you should not feed extra fat supplements to Donkeys, it can lead to hyperlipidemia. How much flax would there be in a single dosage for 15h horse and a miniature donkey?

    15. Thank you so much for carrying this product. I have a Friesian cross colt who was going crazy itching to the point he had big bald bloody spots all over. I have been feeding him this for about a month and the results are amazing. Again thanks so much, it has made a huge difference in his world!

    16. Hi Holly thank you for the note about the Bye Bye itch. It is a great product we are thrilled we can help you. Keep in touch. Nancy

    17. Hi Colleen, Thanks for the question. My first note would be is the flax seed helping the itching? If it is I wouldn’t fix something that is not broke but if it is not helping then I would say start them on the Bye Bye itch and wean them off the flax seed. The Bye Bye itch has other ingredient’s that help protect the skin and its genic make up. . Let us know Nancy

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