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Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs Hilton Herbs - Equine Special Needs - Vitex Plus Gold

Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus Gold Clinically trialed formula, to support a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies.

In response to customer demand we are now producing our popular and successful  Vitex Plus mix in liquid format!

Our customers wanted a liquid product that could, if necessary, be syringed into their horse or pony’s mouth if it was receiving very little feed. Hilton Herbs – Vitex Plus Gold (CushX Gold) is also a more economical way of feeding the herbs for larger horses as a 2.2pt bottle will last a 16.2 hh horse up to 30 days (based on a dosage of 30mls per day)

When our customers ask us to help we do just that, by producing a faster acting, easy-to-administer natural product at an economical price, to help support and maintain a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages.


Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus Gold Contains: Vitex Agnus castus, Goat’s Rue, Bilberry, Artichoke, Milk Thistle and Golden Rod herb with Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer For Special Needs

Hilton Herbs Equine Special Needs The following range of products have been carefully formulated by Hilton Herbs to help support these “Special Needs” horses, maintain their quality of life, restore the natural balance, and encourage them back to full health.
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Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus Gold – Support Cushings Horses


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  • UP TO 12.2 hh – 5 mls TWICE DAILY
  • 12.2 hh – 14.2 hh – 10 mls TWICE DAILY
  • 14.2 hh – 15.2 hh – 12.5 mls TWICE DAILY
  • 15.2 hh – 16.2 hh – 15 mls TWICE DAILY
  • 16.2 hh AND ABOVE – 15-20 mls TWICE DAILY

    • 1.05 PTS – EVERY DAY USE – 2 WEEKS
    • 2.1 PTS – 4 WEEKS
    • 6.3 PTS – 3 MONTHS
    • 10.5 PTS – 5 MONTHS


**Usage Based on An Average 16.2hh horse.

Click Here For Information About Cushings TreatmentHilary Self, Author and Co-Owner of Hilton Herbs speaking on Natural Remedies for Cushing’s and Insulin Resistant Horses

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Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus – Supports Cushings Horses

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    1. Judy Gerdes says:

      Oh no, no Vitex Plus in dry form anymore, how could you? That’s been a God sent for a new horse I’ve taken on ever since I started feeding him last fall. I understand he’s been sick for the last few years with Cushings and other problems, 2 inch long hair, summer and winter, big belly, founder and all that. Since I started him of Vitex Plus, the change has been miraculous. From a long coated, ugly brown horse to a now beautiful, heathy, shiny black gelding with sound hooves. I attribute it all to this herb mixture.
      This horse is still almost wild so a dry form is the only way I can administer the additive in his food. Please tell me you can still provide this product, his continued improvement depends on it.

    2. Judy I think you may have just missed the dry, you can find it here http://dev.thehealingbarn.com/hilton-herbs-vitex-plus/ Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    3. Gavin Turner says:

      My 2 year old Welsh Cob is a national champion in carriage driving in the UK. She has just been diagnosed with equine Cushing’s but I’ve been told the regular treatment is on the FEI banned substances list. I don’t want my mare to be banned for something that’s not her fault, does Hilton Herbs Vitex Plus pass as a natural remedy and allow my cob to continue in competition?

    4. Hi Gavin the Vitex is a natural product. I am not sure what all they test for in the UK but they are not testing anything in the US that is in the Vitex. Good luck and keep in touch. Nancy

    5. Becky Turner says:

      HI, admin,
      We have 5 cushings horses we’d like to put on your product Vtex plus and some of the others like the pain product for the 2 that have had laminitis. Currently we use Butless for maintenance of pain or Bute if it’s really a bad flair or hoof abscess.
      We live on the west coast of Washington state in the USA. Can you tell me are there any distributors on the west coast of the US? the closer it is the less in shipping we would pay. So far we spend $800.00 or more a month on just supplements for our 8 horses.
      All are over 17 to the oldest who is 30. So we need to save every penny we can on things like shipping so if you can help that would be great!
      Thank you.

    6. Good morning Becky! We do offer free shipping over $75 and you would also avoid paying tax when ordering through us direct. As for the laminitis and pain I would encourage you to look at our Releaf Gold under Mobility. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help!

    7. I have a 22 year old mini gelding with both IR and Cushings. In January I cut his Prasend dosage in half and added Vitex Plus Gold. 1 teaspoons with a meal 2 times a day . This horse has not shedded out on his own in years. To my surprise he has been shedding like a healthy horse! The only problem is his ACTH & insulin numbers have gone thru the roof! He also had become lethargic but was eating well. Now he has gone back to his full dose of Prasend and I am still giving him the Vitex dose every day his energy is back and his appetite is doing good. Can I still give the full dose of Vitex along with the Prasend or should I stop the Vitex. He will
      be retested in 8 weeks. I do not want him to get laminitis again so I will keep him on the Prasend

    8. Hi Phyllis, yes you may keep your Mini on the Vitex along with the Prasend. Stay away from Hay high in Alfalfa, that can tox him up, and makes his body not be able to get rid of the toxins on his own. Good luck and keep us informed. Nancy

    9. ann marie says:

      Thank you for the Vitex Plus Gold! Missy our beautiful arabian (just turned 21) was diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago with mild Cushing’s. She was put on 1 Prascend, it was painful to get her to take it everyday and it severely altered her personality. She became paranoid and hated going in the turnout, Missy is usually a very loving horse but was moody and non-affectionate. We took her off Prascend about 1 1/2 months ago, when i discovered the Healing barn alternative. It has been a god send, she is doing great back to her old self, happy, having fun in the turnout and no longer paranoid and shedded out. I hope this continues for her because i don’t want to put her back on the meds! She also became super picky with food, not anymore. I put it in her shredded beet pulp and she eats, no problem!

    10. Jalaine Merrick says:

      Can you give the liquid once daily or is the dry herbs the only one you can give that way? Thanks

    11. Yes you may give the liquid and/or the dry herbs 1 times a day. Just give the full amount the 1 time. Thank you, Nancy

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